Are you spiritually strong enough

Life 365    05-Apr-2020
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WE LIVE IN a culture that increasingly leans toward commercialism, materialism and secularism, it is not always easy to keep the soul nourished.
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In life, we attach less weight to the spiritual aspect than we do to other domains. We believe that we create our luck whereas there are several instances where our spiritual connection makes us come out on top or saves us from evil. Our life is governed by a certain set of principles. Whatever we do is a direct result of what beliefs we have always held on to.
A person who is not spiritually strong will always credit the successes to his own doings and failures, he will blame on others. Such a person fails to realise there are always spiritual forces at work guiding or protecting them. Those are, on the other hand, spiritually strong inculcate in them the habits of love and compassion. If you hold on to hold grudges or make it your objective to wish bad and intend to hurt the other person for the wrong they once did to you, you are making life difficult for yourself. As only a spiritually immature person would let themselves be consumed with hatred of the sort.
Many people come and go in our lives and the bad ones are here to give us the taste of how low humanity can hit or how evil a person can get. Upon closer inspection, you will find that, although people are usually good, some past event has shaped them into the person they’ve become today. So you learn to empathise and try letting go of the incident and speak a kind word to them. You are the first to forgive. This elevates your status in front of them, no matter how will they thought of you in the first place.
Life is wonderful and the spiritually strong understand this. They say gratitude and move on. In order for society to change, the change begins on an individual basis. Spiritually strong people take responsibility for what they’re doing in life. If it good, they take the credit humbly. If not, then they own up to it instead of running away. Always understand what you do now will have an effect later. The ones who are spiritually strong would find time out of their busy schedules to always help those in need.