Turn the bedroom into a cosy and comfortable place

Life 365    05-Apr-2020
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Your small bedroom may be a blessing for a better night’s sleep. The less there is to do in your bedroom, the more sleep you set yourself up for. The colour white is an expansive and practical choice for small bedroom decor. It keeps the space from looking too busy or boxed in. Painting your bedroom white will make it look bigger. Using white or lighter colours combats the absence of large wall space or windows to brighten up your space. To keep your small bedroom from feeling cold or void of personality, layer your whites with different textures and white-on-white patterns for drama. The simple addition of a patterned throw and chrome bedside lamps transforms the room for sterile to stylish.
Narrow floor plans and limited space call for deviation for this. To maximise the fl oor space, tuck your bed up against a wall or corner. The effect will create a sleeping area that feels snug and cosy. If it feels too much like a college dorm, add a two headboard corner system to create a fi nished, designer look to a bedroom.