Stunt biking as a sport

Life 365    05-Apr-2020
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Stunt bikes are a type of recreational vehicle used to perform quick maneuvers like twists, mid-air flips and rolls, often at very high speeds. Most are built similarly to motorcycles and motorbikes, though modifications and alterations are common.
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A number of manufacturers sell bikes made specifically for stunt uses. Many enthusiasts also choose to build their own, either from kits or by making changes to existing vehicles. They are often simply driven for entertainment, usually in rural areas or on otherwise open roads; some places also have stunt arenas where bikers can practice their maneuvers in an enclosed space, often with obstacles of varying degrees of difficulty.
Stunt biking is also growing in popularity as a defined sport. It’s usually known as an ‘extreme sport’ but is gaining recognition by many different institutions and organisations around the world. Specialised bikes are essential equipment for participants and the quality and features of the bikes often play heavily into a rider’s success and scoring. Most stunt riders use their bikes just for fun, often as something of a hobby. In some situations, though, the art has been codified into a sport in which riders compete against each other and can get very serious about their style and form.
Different extreme sports networks and organizers often host riding events around the world in which participants show off their best tricks, typically to be judged before a panel and awarded points for things like overall skill of execution and level of difficulty. Sometimes a bike’s capabilities and ratings numbers will determine a competitor’s class or pool but in other situations everyone competes freely regardless the specifications of their ride. In these situations particularly, a bike that has good maneuverability and controls is very important.