Psychology degree from India gives these benefits

Life 365    05-Apr-2020
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Psychology offers a myriad of career opportunities. Consequently, the students pursuing psychology require continuous guidance and support from the faculty which is as compelling and impressive as the material they teach.
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Here are benefits, what you will get if you study psychology in India.
Tremendous scope for research:
Psychology happens to be a diverse field, one that is expected to see tremendous growth in India. Psychology is a discipline which is driven by research and India happens to be a land of opportunities, there are research areas which are still untapped in our developing economy and the Institutes encourage students to explore these unchartered research domains.
Improvement in the research quality:
The classification and volume of research from India are on the rise and research papers from India now appear in international conferences and journals, where the leading researchers from around the world present their best work.
Bridging the research gap:
Psychologists in India are recognizing the wide gap between their academic pursuits and the real-life problems of people. Freedom is demanded and rightly so, from the theoretical and methodological constraints of the discipline to grapple with the real issues of development and to act as social catalysts in the changing process.
The growing need for industrial psychologists:
The organizational structures are getting more complicated by the day and as a result of this, the need for industrial psychologists is growing at a rapid pace. Today industrial or organizational psychology has an ex