Make a paper snowman

Life 365    05-Apr-2020
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Its is a beautiful piece for your decoration. This craft will teach you to turn paper strips into a lovely snowman. Try this craft and enjoy making it.
What you need 
  • Two sheets of white paper (plain print paper will do although construction paper will work best) 
  • Paper in any other colour (and a bit for orange nose, can also be drawn) 
  • Black marker, glue and scissors 
  • Optional – buttons, cupcake liner, sequin 
How to make 
  • Start by cutting strips of paper in two lengths, you can cut the strips by cutting across the sheets of white paper, one set cutting along the length and one set cutting along the width. 
  • Now assemble the paper balls. If you don’t know how you can check how we did it when making this paper ball garland, the procedure is the same with the diff erence you’ll be making two balls for one snowman. 
  • Draw on or stick on all the details, the eyes, nose and buttons. 
  • Cut a long strip of colour paper and make a scarf. z You can also use a cupcake liner as a hat, it looks kind of cute. 
  • You can make a whole bunch of them and make a garland. If you want them to stand on their own, put a coin or a small rock in the base to keep them balanced or glue the snowman to a piece of paper.