Learn the right way to wear short skirts

Life 365    05-Apr-2020
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Short skirts can be cute, fashionable, versatile and fun to wear. But how do you avoid feeling uncomfortable, overexposed or inappropriate when baring that much skin? Learn how to dress in a short skirt and look and feel good in the situation you’re dressing for.

  • Try a short skirt that isn’t fi tted and fl ares out from your body. This will prevent the discomfort and exposure of a tight skirt that tends to ride up the legs. 
  • Get a skirt with a waistband that’s meant to sit at your natural waist, which is the narrowest part of your torso. While it still falls at a normal length for a short skirt, you can feel a little more covered and secure with fabric covering your midsection. 
  • Consider the high-low skirt as a good hybrid of a short skirt and a skirt with more coverage. Find one of these skirts, which can be quite short in the front but longer in the back, to avoid exposure when you bend over or move around. 
  • If you choose a fitted body con skirt in a stretchy material, look for one that is slightly longer in length. As it hugs your body, it will still feel short but a little extra length accommodates for any riding up the material will do.