Top-rated tourist att ractions in Hong Kong

Life 365    05-Apr-2020
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REGARDED AS THE most beautiful, culturally rich place Hong Kong is a mustvisit for any tourist who intends to see the best parts of the world
Hong Kong is a beautiful city that offers a plethora of things to do during your stay there. You could have some really productive days when in the city. Right from learning about the cultures and beliefs of Hong Kong, to exploring a wilder side and doing more fun things, there’s an option available for all. Here are a few places to see in Hong Kong
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Victoria Peak: A photographer’s delight, Victoria Peak can provide the best views of the city, if you’re lucky enough. It’s a rare chance for tourists to get an unobstructed view from the peak on a cloudless and clear day. Many tourists vouch for the funicular tram ride to top of the peak for and consider it to be the best 7 minutes of their trip to Hong Kong.
Avenue of Stars: If you believe Hong Kong to be ‘the Hollywood of the Orient’, then you cannot miss out on this. The place has everything a movie buff can appreciate - a walk of fame dedicated to all the top contributions of the biggest Japanese movie artists, including a statue of Bruce Lee.
Wong Tai Sin Temple: The Wong Tai Sin Temple is dedicated to Wong Chuping, one of the greatest Taoist fabled to achieve enlightenment. It is said that the temple holds the aura of the most accurate fortune telling you will ever fi nd. Apart from that, the Wong Tai Sin Temple is a real visual treat and a must-visit.
Ocean Park: If you’re visiting Hong Kong with family, then you cannot miss out on this little spot of merriment at the Ocean park. Take a ride on the Abyss Turbo drop, a 185feet vertical ride that gives you the view of the entire park.