Healthcare needs attention

Life 365    05-Apr-2020
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As per Government of India orders and based on public health requirements, there should be a sub health centre for 500 people, a primary health centre for every 3000 people and a civil hospital for a population of 1 lakh 20 thousand people. A civil hospital must have four qualifi ed doctors – a physician, a surgeon, a child specialist and a lady doctor, support staff of 21 paramedical persons, 30 indoor beds, a well equipped operation theatre, labour room, X-ray and laboratory.
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More or less, this set up is working on paper throughout India but the rural patient does not get proper medical care when it is needed. If doctors do not want to serve in rural areas, it is better to train paramedical staff to serve the rural masses. They should be properly trained and then allowed to practice. We have one doctor for 1,700 people whereas countries like Israel has 1 for 220 people.
The Government should encourage private medical colleges with strict instructions to follow qualitative medical education. Private sectors are granting more pay to their doctors. It is high time that the government also raises the pay structure of their doctors to equivalent levels.
The quality of life is directly linked with the quality of available medical facilities in that country. If our Government cashes in on this situation and attracts patients from abroad, we can earn huge foreign exchange and change the rural landscape too. Good medical care will benefi t this nation and in every way.