Make hard decisions easier as a leader

Life 365    05-Apr-2020
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Leadership is mentally and emotionally demanding and it requires determination. Try using these tactics the next time you’re forced to make a hard decision.
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Reduce decision fatigue:
You can reduce decision fatigue by spending less time on smallscale decisions. Build habits that are repeatable and let other people (like your assistants or coworkers) decide things that don’t have much impact on you or your business.
Take yourself out of the equation:
One of the best ways to make decisions is to remove yourself from the picture altogether. Imagine that this isn’t your company: Instead, pretend that it belongs to a friend and you’re advising him or her on what to do.
Create a firm deadline:
A big problem many entrepreneurs have with decision-making is being decisive in a timely manner; in other words, they procrastinate. If you give yourself a month to make a decision, you’re going to take a month. If you give yourself a day, you’re going to take a day.
Quantify your options:
As a business owner or leader, quantifiable decisions are easy to make. For instance, if your marketing strategy makes more money than it costs, it’s worth keeping. So, if you want to make your net hard decision a little easier, try reducing everything to quantifiable variables.