Fabulous ways of wearing saree

Life 365    05-Apr-2020
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Sarees are the most ethnic yet elegant attire one can come up with. Sarees can be official, chic, amusing and conventional and much more than just a simple saree

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Change is the only constant and it couldn’t be truer than in the case of fashion trends. However, one trend that has held its ground through centuries is the classic saree. There are numerous ways to drape up a saree in styles and concepts of a specifi c theme dressing. Saree draping can be very fun. Saree seems to be great on each body kind and in fact, makes a lady look slim if draped in such a technique!
Belt style: Drape your saree the normal way and just add a belt that cinches your pallu at the waist. You can even use a kamar bhandh if you want to go for a more traditional look. A statement blouse like an off-shoulder would defi nitely add some zing to your outfit.
Dhoti style: All you have to do is wear a legging instead of a petticoat for better draping purposes. The style is a bit tricky but don’t you worry but once done it correctly you will look awesome.
Neck drape style: You got to do is wrap the pallu around your neck like a scarf. You’ll have to keep the length of your pallu longer to achieve this style. You can even experiment with as many scarf styles as you like.
Mumtaz style: Mumtaz style for saree draping is a retro style that was made celebrated by actor Mumtaz and is a great festivity look if you have a different love for a chic chiffon saree with a blingy border.
Mermaid style: This style of draping spreads out the lower part of the pleats, which in turn, look like the tail of a mermaid. The drape might look like a lot of work, but it only requires a few extra tucks and pleats.
Pant style: It’s easy, it’s comfortable, it’s functional and it’s super chic. It might just be the right style for the next wedding you have to attend.
Lehenga style: The lehenga style drape is pretty easy to ace as all you have to do is keep pleating the whole 6-9 yards.
Cape style: Cape style saree draping is one inclination which has crunched into the trend and we love this cape over outfi t trend. It is a perfect saree draping method to jazz up the look a bit. The idea behind draping a saree with a matching cape over it is amazing. Select your desired saree and fi nd a cape stitched so you can dress over it to add zing to things.
Angrakha drape: Enthused by the Mughal garments this striking way of swathing a Royal Angrakha Drape saree is not only modern but looks amazing!
Fringe drape: You don’t really have to devote in a luxurious designer saree to get into a saree with long fringes. You can easily get it finished on your own to your favourite satin or simple sarees. There are heaps of fringe laces in the market and visit your tailor to stitch it by the side of the borders of your saree.