Common walking mistakes you must stop making

Life 365    05-Apr-2020
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Walking the wrong way can lead to wasted effort or even injury, not to mention ridicule. Here are the 10 walking technique mistakes to avoid.
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will see many examples of people who think they are doing a great power walking stride when, in fact, they are doing themselves no good at all. Learn what doesn't work well and why
Stuck in a rut: You might get bored and lose interest in your walk if you go the same route every day. Change it on a regular basis to keep it interesting. Not only is it good for your mood and motivation but it also switches things up for your muscles and joints. Look for hills to add to your route. These can add intensity and strengthen thigh, hamstring and glute muscles.
Staring at your screen: Gaze at your phone while walking and you could be headed for trouble. You might trip or even step into traffic. So try to avoid staring at the screen while walking.