A good leader always builds wonderful relationships

Life 365    05-Apr-2020
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People are at the center of all leadership efforts. Leaders cannot lead unless they understand the people they are leading. One way to look at leadership is that the function of a leader is to lead and guide people who will follow with the same values. An effective leader thus must be able to build relationships and create communities. We can defi ne leadership as inspiring people and planning for the future with the motivating factors of relationship building and community service. Relationships can happen between concepts, actions and values.
It is easy to lead for yourself. It is more diffi cult to lead for others. Honesty, integrity and the ability to be supportive will create a more successful environment. We all want to know that our leaders are deserving of our trust. It’s about having trust in their knowledge of who and what they are leading, trust in why they have chosen to lead, and trust in their ability to accomplish the vision and goals that have been set forward.
When leadership is a relationship founded on trust and confi dence, people take risks, make changes and keep organisations and movements alive. Through that relationship, leaders turn their constituents into leaders themselves. In both maintaining and strengthening relationships, it is important to value people for who they are.