Wonderful ideas to reconnect with your old friends

Life 365    04-Apr-2020
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Reconnecting with someone from your past can be an experience that’s exciting, nostalgic and heartwarming often, all at the same time. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and reach out to an old friend, knowing where to look and what to do once you’ve found this person can save you lots of time and decrease the possibility of an awkward reunion.
Look your friends up on social media: Today, the simplest, most direct way to fi nd someone is usually via social media. Almost all social media sites will allow you to search for users by name. If you fi nd your friend and he has a public profile, reaching out is fairly simple all you need to do is send a message with the innetwork service.
Contact your school or alumni: Most high schools and colleges keep track of their alumni students after graduation often; they’ll try to keep an up-todate address and phone number for the purpose of soliciting donations and informing alumni of upcoming functions.
Attend reunions: Most schools will host class reunions fairly often. If the school you and your old friend went to has an upcoming reunion, don’t miss it.