The science behind the superstitious beliefs practised

Life 365    24-Mar-2020
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A superstition is any belief or practice based upon one's trust in luck or other irrational, unscientifi c or supernatural forces. India is a land of religions and as we know that ‘with a large number of religions come large number of superstitions’. But there are some scientifi c reasons behind those superstitions.
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Hanging a lemon and green chillies: Ever seen a lemon along with chillies hanging, there is a logical explanation behind this one too. The cotton thread that passes through the lemon and the chillies absorbs the acids, vitamin C and the other nutrients present in it. This is said to have significant health benefits.
Why throw coins in holy rivers: Throwing coins in fountains and other water bodies for good luck is common. Again, there is a scientifi c reason for it. In ancient times the coins were made of copper which is an essential element for our body’s well being. The copper coins remained in the water it became benefi cial. Copper also helps to kill bacteria present.
Eat curd and sugar before heading out: Eating curd and sugar before stepping out is considered to be good luck. The consumption of curd has a cooling effect and the sugar provides instant glucose.