Simple, essential and innovative mobile accessories

Life 365    24-Mar-2020
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Got a new phone and want to get something great to go with it? Or maybe you're looking to gift something to a mobile-crazy friend or family member? No problem! There is no shortage of accessories for smartphones. The main purpose of buying cell phone accessories is safety. They also help you take full advantage of your cell phone. Here are some cool accessories that are actually useful to you:

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Zoom lens: Optical zoom is the one feature we all wish smartphone cameras could master. This accessory offers 8X zoom for your smartphone's camera at a reasonable price. If you were looking for a cool zoomed effect then this works really well.
Solar charger: Most people in India have no dearth of sunlight. Converting your entire house to solar power may be a little hard but you could always start by charging your smartphone off the power of the Sun. You won't have to remember to charge a backup battery if you keep this handy.
Selfie flash light: If you love taking selfie but your phone's front camera lacks a flash, this could be the perfect accessory for you. It's not much use if you plan to use it with the rear camera but it's a good accessory with its utility.
Smartphone repair kit: This one will void your warranty for sure but it's always good to have a repair kit handy. It’s not suggested that you open up your smartphone the moment there is a problem but in some cases such as water damage it might actually be useful and even more easier with a repair kit.
Travel charger: A travel charger can help you recharge your cell phone if the battery runs low during any time of the travel.
Data cable: This accessory helps you in transfer of files and data between your mobile phone and your personal computer.