Hear what your soul says to you

Life 365    24-Mar-2020
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The journey of our soul really is the journey of a lifetime and it’s a journey we get to take whether we are aware or not. If you are alive you are on the journey. With this in mind, may your journey be a conscious one where the intentions of your soul intersect with the intentions of your human nature on a daily basis, bringing both into alignment every moment of your life. That is what it means to experience heaven on earth. You deserve it and so does our world.

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Everything about our lives and society takes us away from our truths and the deepest parts of ourselves our souls. Most of us don’t sense our soul’s cries. We’re busy with the more tangible elements of life and our soul’s cries get ignored. Or our soul’s cries are too painful and we avoid them entirely. To pay attention to the health of our soul, however, we must learn how to listento our soul.
Wouldn’t it be simpler if your soul spoke to you directly? Instead, our soul speaks to us indirectly through our emotions, our choices, our thoughts, our bodies. In order to listen to our soul, we must learn to hear its voice. Listening to your soul becomes an act of finding those feelings wherever you are. Not to be confused with imposing these feelings upon yourself but truly finding them within yourself. The health of your soul depends on your connection and receptivity to God. When you are connected to God and receptive to him, your soul comes alive. Your soul experiences deep joy and peace, no matter your external circumstances.
Our soul usually speaks to us softly – in whispers and intuitive nudges. In order to hear and sense our soul, we must be still. Our soul communicates with us in the present moment. The more we can bring ourselves to this moment throughdeep breathing, consciousness and meditation, the easier it will be to hear our soul speak. Listening when the soul speaks is a practice that can transform the moments in our day and bring us closer to living life from a place that sits well with who we are at our core. Our soul’s language is love. So when we open our hearts to love, we also open our hearts to our soul. When we’re in line with the universe, our higher power, our angels and love, we can’t help but connect with our soul.