Discover your emotional intelligence

Life 365    24-Mar-2020
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AS WE ALL know that emotional intelligence (EI) is a crucial skill for both leaders and followers. But several studies point to just how important EI can be to success, even trumping IQ and experience
Much of the research that has been done on emotional intelligence has been done on how it has been the crucial point for success of great leaders. But today every individual who wants to be successful in life should have emotional intelligence. We have knowledge, skills, compassion, everything to be a successful human being but what we lack is emotional intelligence. How to judge if you are emotionally intelligent?
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Selfawareness: The first thing that is essential for any degree of emotional intelligence is selfawareness. People with a high degree of self-awareness have a solid understanding of their own emotions, their strengths, weaknesses and what drives them. Neither overly critical nor unrealistically hopeful, these people are honest with themselves and others.
Ability to self-regulate emotions: We all have emotions which drive us and there is nothing we can do to avoid them. People who are good at selfregulation, however, are able to manage their emotions so that they do not control their words and actions. While they feel bad moods and impulses as much as anyone else, they do not act upon them.
Empathy: Someone who has empathy will have an awareness of the feelings of others and consider those feelings in their words and actions. It simply means that they are aware of and take into consideration the impact on others. They are willing to share their own worries and concerns and openly acknowledge other’s emotions.
Social skills: Social skill is another area of emotional intelligence. To have good social skills requires a high level of the other skills aforementioned as well as the ability to relate and fi nd common ground with a wide range of people. It goes beyond just friendliness and the ability to get along with others.