Cars and bikes made from cardboards?

Life 365    24-Mar-2020
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A group of young motoring enthusiast from Vietnam have found success on the internet by making driveable cardboard replicas of expensive sports cars and motorcycles. The young boys behind the YouTube channel were resourceful enough to build their own using scrap metal, used card and motorbike parts and lots of cardboard.

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The vehicles turn out rather goofy-looking but they do actually work and if the over 300k subs the channel currently has are any indication, people love the comedic charm. There have been some amazing cardboard models over the years, from this life-size Israeli tank, to the eerie sculptures of Kai-Xiang Zhong. The works showcased on the YouTube channel are nothing like that.
They are crude, sloppy but in a way they are a million times better. Seeing a cardboard Lamborghini shaking along on a dirt road or a motorcycle with a Ducati inspired cardboard body is like just mind boggling.