Problems faced by youth today

Life 365    24-Mar-2020
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Problems are sign that there is hope for and a better tomorrow. The pace at which world is changing is drastic. But the adaptation pace is comparatively very slow. From education system to the way market works, people seem scared of letting go of conventional and traditional ways of work. And between this war of traditional and modern approach, the one who grinds the most is the youth.
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Today’s youth is a digital native directed by a digital immigrant.
Unemployment: Many of Indian youth are unemployed and also not involved in any education or training. With the saturation of the organised sector, finding a job has become tough. This competitive environment makes people simply lock jobs for financial security. They look at companies as income generators only and nothing more.
The independence to date: Why can't the older generation understand that dating is a part of the growing up process today? Dating promotes gender sensitivity, allowing young men and women to understand the uniqueness, strengths and vulnerabilities of the opposite gender. The emotional balance thus found lays the foundation for stronger relationships, not just with their future life partner but also at the work place.
Obesity: A sedentary life due to restriction on outdoor activities by parents on the one hand and too much pressure on academics by teachers on the other, are making the youth binge eat. Obesity as a challenge is no longer restricted to the Western world. It has arrived with a vengeance on Indian shores. There is a fl ip side to it too. In some cases, the pressure to become size-zero is so strong that some people stop eating altogether.
Exploitation under the name of experience: Graduates seek internship for various reasons from exploring the fi eld, to having a better CV to earn some extra cash and much more. But interns are many a times unpaid. Since the internship sector is not well regulated, employers take advantage of the situation and a lot of work load is put on interns. This turns the journey of passionate experience into a journey of heavy burden.