Do you know about wooden marbles?

Life 365    24-Mar-2020
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People throughout the world have relied on marbles as a form of amusement for centuries. Mostly glass, clay or agate materials are used to make marbles though wooden marbles can also be found in limited supply. These marbles are made at home and are sold at a low cost. Wooden marbles are also used in packaged games and toys.

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Hands are used in traditional marble games to propel the marbles into a target area on the ground. In one game players draw a circle on the ground and try to push the pieces of the other player out of the circle. Because wood is less dense and lighter in weight than the glass products, the marbles were often very light.
So, they could not push the other player’s marbles out of the circle. Wooden marbles were commonly used in games like Chinese checkers. Wooden marbles were used in different applications. Scrap wood is used in handmade versions. Manufacturers use both hard and softwood depending upon the use of the marbles. Wooden Marbles were often used in wooden marble shooters where the marbles did not cause as much injury as a marble made out of glass. The size of the marbles varies.