Souvenirs to buy in Turkey

Life 365    24-Mar-2020
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An exciting part of going abroad is buying souvenirs to take back home. Whether they are traditional, quirky, edible or purely for nostalgic memories, when you are on vacation in Turkey, the choice of souvenirs to buy is limitless!

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Sweet Turkish delight: Sold in packaged boxes all over the country, Turkish delight is cheap and easy to pack. The small jellylike gums come in an array of flavours such as rose, nuts, cinnamon, lemon and more.
Nazar Boncugu: By far, one of the most popular souvenirs to buy in Turkey is the evil eye, known as the Nazar Boncugu. Used to ward off bad luck, the ancient talisman, is not just a souvenir but used by many Turks in their cars, homes and offices.
Tea, coffee and spices: Turks always drink their tea black in small, tulip shaped glasses. Buy the original version from the North-eastern Rize area that is the tea capital of Turkey. Otherwise, Turkish coff ee and the traditional, small copper cup used to drink it, is a good alternative for caff eine addicts.