Cute ways to tell him he’s going to be a dad

Life 365    24-Mar-2020
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Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in any couple’s life as the baby who is on its way binds the two individuals in a relationship together. As it is the most special news that you will be sharing with your hubby, why not do it with a little creativity and fun. Read on to know the cutest ways in which you can announce your pregnancy to your husband
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Good news in a cup: This is a really really cool way to tell your spouse of his recent promotion to daddy. If he does love to drink coffee or tea a lot and indeed has a favourite cup, get a little black marker and write it in the cup. Best believe the moment he picks that cup up and sees it, he wouldn’t be thinking about the tea.
Write it on your belly: Paint your belly with something creative like ‘baby loading 10 percent complete’ and gift wrap it. Now wear a loose t-shirt and tell him that there is a surprise inside. Let him get all the thoughts, he will be totally surprised to see his gift!
The pillow message: Go out and get a small pillow. Either the small regular throw pillow or a baby’s pillow and put it in the middle of your pillow and his. Here’s the interesting part, write a simple ‘you plus me equals three’ and put it underneath it as he’s defi nitely going to be inquisitive about the baby’s pillow.
Take some help from your pet: If you have a dog or cat at home, let your little baby pet announce the arrival of its human sibling. You can put a placard in your dog’s neck with a cute message that announces the arrival of your little one. This would be a great idea.