Germy things you touch every day

Life 365    24-Mar-2020
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It is impossible to avoid contact with bacteria completely. But do you know what germs are lurking in your kitchen, bathroom and living room, and are you doing enough to protect yourself from contamination? Here are few surprisingly germy things you may have in your home.
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Cellphone: It goes with you everywhere -- even into the bathroom. As a result, it could be up to 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. In fact, it could have E. coli on it. That’s a bacteria that can give you diarrhea and stomach cramps.
Remote control: Everyone touches it -- even the neighbor’s kid who picks his nose nonstop. And when it isn’t in your
germy hands, it’s either on the floor or stuck between the sofa cushions -- a cozy, dark home for mold and bacteria. Give it a going-over with antibacterial wipes every so often.
Computer keyboard: You eat lunch over it at work.. Give your keyboard a few good shakes to get rid of loose crumbs. Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or pad to clean around each key.