Strategies to set up remote work

Life 365    24-Mar-2020
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School closings, cancelled events, plummeting stock markets, changed business offerings — the list is endless. It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted our everyday lives and economy on an international scale
 COVID-19 pandemic has turned the work environment upside down. Most employees find both works from the office and work from home during this coronavirus outbreak as a challenging task. 
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Here are a few coping strategies that can help employees keep a healthy mindset. How do you and your employees adapt to sudden remote work and office shutdowns and stay productive amidst the outbreak?
Reinforce the company’s mission, purpose, and values: Start there. Make sure you can explain in plain writing why the company exists and what it is trying to accomplish. From there, develop goals and objectives, as deep and detailed as possible. When employees have a vision that they can rally behind as a group, alignment becomes easier across time zones.
Promote a digital company culture: When you go all digital and all remote, you must find online expressions for your culture. Jokes, high-fives, celebrations, gossip, community, family, personal interests, attention to the humans behind the professional persona—all these things need to be brought over to the digital world and given a worthy place and channel that allows for spontaneous and randomized encounters.
Be kind to others and yourself: If a colleague has been given a health advisory or has to self-quarantine, ask how you can help them. With the current recommendations for social distancing. Talk to one another. Connect virtually with your friends, colleagues or groups you're a part of. Many companies have EAP in place to help keep emotional health and wellness stable.