Anger management tricks for kids and teens

Life 365    24-Mar-2020
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Frustration and anger can quickly turn into defiance, disrespect, aggression and temper tantrums if your child doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions. When left unchecked, aggression in childhood such as fighting and teasing has been linked to academic problems, peer rejections and poor mental health in adulthood.
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 If your child has trouble taming his or her temper, these strategies can teach them anger management skills:
Go to a calm spot: Ask your child to help you set up a place where he or she can go to gain control. Offer a few soothing things-such as books, music, pens and paper-to your child and then encourage him or her to use the spot to cool down.
The feeling vocabulary: Kids usually tend to shout, scream, punch, kick and throw things when they are angry because they do not know how to express their anger verbally. A feeling vocabulary is a list of feeling words that the child can use to show their emotions. Teach them different emotional words that they can use to tell you how they feel.
Have anger rules: Rules are important for disciplining a child. One of the most important rules must be about their behavior when they are angry. Let your child know that it is okay to get angry.
Pound it out: Pound clay hit a pillow, shoot baskets, punch a punching bag, throw rocks at a wall (away from people), hit a wall with a foam bat. Help your child find the most effective way to calm temper and then encourage them to use the technique.