Attractions in the Netherlands

Life 365    24-Mar-2020
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Netherland is so flat that it’s extremely easy to do at least a little sightseeing the Dutch way: by bicycle. Many communities actively encourage the use of pedal-power and provide bikes to explore the sights at no cost.

However, you choose to see the Netherlands, you’re guaranteed a great time in one of the friendliest and most liberal cultures in Europe. Here is a list of attractions.

Exploring Amsterdam’s canals: Like Venice, that other famous city built on water, the one enduring memory any visitor to Amsterdam will have is of time spent exploring the city’s wonderful canals.

The Rijksmuseum: The spectacular Rijksmuseum (aka the Dutch National Museum) in Amsterdam has been collecting rare art and antiquities since 1809. Not surprisingly, its extensive collection today amounts to nearly 70 lakh works of art, including 5,000 paintings in more than 250 rooms, as well as a vast library with some 35,000 books.

Keukenhof, The garden of Europe: Think of the Netherlands and you’ll inevitably think of tulips, the country’s most popular flower. And there’s nowhere better to enjoy its rich floral bounty than at the Keukenhof, otherwise known as the Garden of Europe.

Anne Frank Museum: The Anne Frank Museum is a must-see when in Amsterdam. On Prinsengracht, in the home where Anne’s family hid for much of WWII (they were Jewish refugees from Frankfurt), is where this remarkable girl wrote her famous diary Hoge Veluwe.

National Park: You may be surprised to learn that the Netherlands, a relatively small country, boasts one of the world’s most diverse national park programs. The largest is Hoge Veluwe National Park between Arnhem and Apeldoorn. Covering nearly 13,800 acres, this national park is the largest continuous nature reserve in the country, as well as being one of the most popular day trip destinations for locals and visitors alike. The park also boasts dense woodland areas consisting of conifers along with rhododendrons and numerous species of deciduous trees, including red oaks.