Techie who has revived the dying lake within 45 days

Life 365    24-Mar-2020
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Garden city of Bangalore is an ideal place to enjoy nature at its best. The city once had a well-connected network of 835 lakes. Today, less than 200 survive. Bengaluru, lately, has been staring at horrifying predictions with regard to its depleting water sources and its frothing, burning lakes.

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Anand Malligavad, head of Sansera Foundation’s corporate projects, who has single-handedly rejuvenated Kyalasanahalli Lake near Aneka. He says that the essence of their environment work is to improve their surroundings. That’s how the idea to improve the Kyalasanahalli lake, right behind their plant, came about. The team almost removed 4 lakh cubic meters of mud from the lake. This mud was then used to create fi ve islands of six inch each, all across the lake, in only ten days.
These islands now serve as nesting areas for birds. “A total of 18,000 saplings, 3,000 fruit bearings of 22 varieties, 3,000 native species of plants, and 2,000 ayurvedic plants, now populate the lake area, providing it with a bounty of natural treasures. A total of 1,500 volunteers came together to plant trees in the forests near the lake in a record time of 1 hour and 45 minutes,” says Anand. On June 5, 2017, the lake was entirely transformed, paving the way for Anand, a lake conservationist, to save the rest of the lakes, independently.