Amritsar: The culinary capital of Punjab

Life 365    24-Mar-2020
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AMRITSAR IS ONE of the top foodie destination in India. Punjabi food has been the fl avour of India for a while, so much so that when someone talks about North Indian food, they actually very often refer to Punjabi food. Amritsar as food capital of Punjab is the unarguably the apex of all this fantastic food. Food in Amritsar can broadly be divided into four categories:
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Langar food: The food served here is made by the volunteers who give seva to the temples. The food is extremely simple and often consists of rotis and daal and served free of cost to all visitors. The kitchen is called Langar and the largest such langar is at the Golden Temple. Everyday the temple makes food for 50,000 people visiting the temple and 70,000 more meals for the people in Jammu and Kashmir.
Galli food: Anyone who has grown up in the old part of the city would know that the food in the tiny shops in the lanes is often the best and also the most affordable. Often the food made here is made in the most traditional way and also backed by generations of experience and expertise.
Dhaba food: Dhabas are the most popular small restaurants, often on the highways which provide food to travellers. Of course, they also make some of the best food in the cities as well. The dhabas serve food all through the day, including parathas for breakfast and tandoori chicken for dinner.
Restaurant food: Restaurants here often serve lunches and dinners. The seating spaces often also have air conditioning and are popular with both family and group of friends.