Hygiene mistakes you probably make

Life 365    23-Mar-2020
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Many of us fall into routines with our hygiene habits. The hard pill to swallow is that most of us are doing it wrong. Many of the things we think we know or grew up assuming, are in fact hurting our health. This list will open your eyes to better hygiene tips that will improve the health and quality of your life.
Not changing toothbrush for long time: Wet toothbrushes can collect several bacteria in as little as one month, which can be harmful to your health. Dentists recommend changing our toothbrush every 2-3 months because using the same one for more than 3 months can have some serious health troubles, which can lead to, among other things, heart disease.
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Over-bathing: A clean body can breathe. The obvious appeal is removing dirt, scum, bacteria and other environmental extras that can cause sicknesses and deterioration. The other reason to bathe often is to remove old skin. This is the cleanest way to remove dead skin and rejuvenate pores. Don’t wait until your odour signals the need to shower. Do keep in mind though that over-bathing can lead to infections and irritation too.
Not showering post workout: Most of us would jump in the shower immediately after a 20 mile run but sometimes after a 20 minute jog, we take our time making our way to the bath. However, any time you sweat, it's important to get out of those clothes right away. Sweat easily becomes trapped inside tight-knit clothing, leading to acne, irritation and other problems. Showering after a workout is ideal, because the less time bacteria have a chance to sit on your skin, the better.
Not cleaning brush for makeup: Cleaning your makeup brushes is one of those things that sounds great in theory but never actually happens. A deep clean once in awhile only takes a few minutes but can save your skin from dirt and bacteria over the years. If not properly cleaned, makeup brushes can carry hordes of bacteria that can cause serious damage to the skin.
Vaccuming daily: If you vacuum every day, it can be harmful to your health. And if you don’t clean the machine, your carpet and your fl oor can get damaged by dirt and dust particles. If you use your vacuum cleaner less than once a week, you’re recommended to change your filter once a season.