How to respond to coronavirus fears?

Life 365    23-Mar-2020
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Worried about the coronavirus and how to keep it from aff ecting your small business? Here are some steps to keep your business growing:
1. Find alternatives that work for you 
Many large corporations allow employees to work from home, consider switching to phone calls or teleconferences or staying in touch with customers via livestreaming (for instance, Facebook Live or Instagram Live).

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2. Travel but take precautions
If you’re not sick and don’t believe you’ve been exposed to COVID-19, you may need to or want to travel. Perhaps you need to serve customers, land new customers who might be looking for new domestic suppliers as their overseas supply chain gets disrupted or just to maintain business relationships.
3. Don’t force employees to travel or go to big meetings
Be certain not to require employees to travel or to attend large gatherings – even meetings with more than half a dozen people or so.
4. Look into business interruption insurance
Ask your insurance broker about business interruption insurance to cover unexpected major events and see what qualifies for coverage. It may not cover this emergency but you’ll be better prepared for the next time yourb business suffers similar economic losses.
5. Provide paid sick leave
You defi nitely don’t want sick employees to come to work but if they’re afraid of losing much-needed income, they’ll show up.