Sleeplessness has gone up in Pune

Life 365    23-Mar-2020
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Sleeplessness is a serious concern in today’s date. Centuary-Wavemaker Sleep Survey on World Sleep Day reveals that sleeplessness has gone up in Pune from 12 percent to 14 percent compared to 2018. Lets get into the details of it
How important is your sleep? Despite of its importance, do we sleep enough or at least peacefully. The answer is ‘no’ as people in 10 cities across India including Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kochi, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneshwar, Indore, Vishakhapatnam and Raipur revealed when asked.

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The survey, In Search of Better Sleep 2020 by Centuary Mattresses and Wavemaker did across various cities to understand attitudes, perceptions and behaviours around sleep and other issues. It found that it is not only the duration but the quality of the sleep and various factors leading to distractions have been a major concern growing year on year.
The survey found that collectively average hours of sleep have come down in most of the cities. In 2018 people slept 7.66 hours on weekend and 7.48 hours on weekdays which has drastically come down to 6.85 hour on weekends and 6.76 hour on weekdays in 2019. Looking at the gender-wise sleep duration, the fi ndings are more worrying with the younger women (25-35 years) sleeping for 6.60 hours on weekends and 6.97 hours on weekdays in 2019 which was 7.70 hours and 7.43 hours respectively in the year 2018.
Compared to them, the younger male slept for 6.73hours on weekdays and 6.58 Hours on weekends in 2019 instead of 7.66 hours on weekdays and 7.50 hours on weekdays in 2018. Announcing the details of the survey report, Uttam Malani, Executive Director – Centuary Mattresses said, “This data suggests that while people are waking up to the reality that sleep is fundamentally important, for most people, achieving quality sleep is still out of reach.
Various factors are depriving the people of the quality and duration of their sleep. If we want to take sleep seriously and address the social and emotional aspects of poor sleep, we must begin to demonstrate that we can address these problems in both easy and meaningful ways. Centuary, being India’s Sleep Specialist, with this survey wants to raise the awareness of quality sleep and the benefi ts it offers to the hardworking Indians by using accessible and affordable sleep solutions”.